Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This new deli

It is only week three and I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with what is possible, almost every where I look there is more to look at, think about and try. Have you ever walked into a real deli, not the supermarket kind and got lost in the shelves, the tasting the opportunities, walked out with a load of food you intend eating, that's me right now, I really don't know which way to turn and think I shall plod for the time being through each week and keep up to date with blogs and igoogle then gently add, which is not how I would really like to respond in a deli, I think this digital immigrant will use her personal learning needs quite a lot with this course. Ok week three bring it on


  1. I think it's a real skill to be able to sift through all the information and decide what to focus on and what to put in the 'I may come back to this later' pile. One way you can manage this is to think about your immediate needs and just focus on meeting those needs. The other stuff you can put aside as 'nice to know/do' at a later stage :)

  2. Jane
    the choice of quality goods at the deli is soooo disrupting. have you some recipes you need ingredients for? then look for those, while noting what else is around. great to hear from you.

  3. Good advice Willie. Trouble is it all looks so delicious (well most of it anyway). I too am feeling a lot like you Jane. Things I thought I would get back to to to try out after week one or two are now sitting in the fridge going mouldy. Ho hum!!!!